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 The Mata do Bussaco Foundation will promote, between November 18 and 26, a 7th and last edition of the "Sement Event", which will close the project LIFE BRIGHT - Recovery of Invasions of Bussaco Generating Habitat Threats (LIFE10 NAT/PT/0075), which has carried out actions to protect and value the natural habitats present in the Bussaco National Forest, through the control and eradication of invasive alien species that are threatening native ecosystems.

 The "Sement Event" has as a double purpose the celebration of the National Day of the Native Forest (November 23) and a presentation of the activities carried out throughout the year without the BRIGHT Project Plan, supported by the LIFE + / Biodiversity Program. This year the day of the seminar will include the Final Presentation of the project.

Bussaco, November 9, 2017

Sement Event Programa



 More than 50 members of the Japanese Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Sukyo Mahikari participated for four days in a volunteering action in the Bussaco National Forest, under the BRIGHT project, which resulted in the planting of 3,500 trees in areas hit by cyclone Gong (2013) and by the storm Stephanie (2014), in the control of invasive plants in an area of ​​1 hectare of forest and still in the seed of 400 oak seeds. It is the third time that this international organization participates, in this public forest of the county of Mealhada, in voluntary actions, with young people and adults of diverse countries. This time, Sukyo Mahikari brought to Bussaco citizens from 13 countries: Portugal, Spain, Guadeloupe, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, England, Venezuela, Guinea Bissau, Republic of Congo and Argentina.

 Sukyo Mahikari is an international organization, based in the city of Takayama, which has bases in 75 countries with about one million active members. In Japan alone there are around a thousand headquarters, in Latin America there are 129 and in Brazil 59. Mahikari is a new Japanese religious movement whose members believe that this is a spiritualist art that aims at the spiritual renewal of all humanity. According to them, this renewal is based on divine revelations that God - the Supreme God, creator of heaven and earth - reported to its founder Yoshikazu Okada. The group contributes actively to nature-related causes and has participated in projects such as the Great Green Wall being planted in Africa to halt the advance of the Sahara desert.

According to Jóni Vieira, coordinator of the project BRIGHT - Bussaco's Recovery from Invasions Generating Habitat Threats, responsible for the control of invasive alien plant species and reforestation of the National Forest, "the collaboration of the Sukyo Mahikari group was, as it had previously been, precious." "They are very supportive people, always very available, correct and educated, ready to help in everything. They have left an important mark in Bussaco and the Foundation thanks and praises the invaluable contribution and urges other organizations, associations, communities, individual companies and individuals to follow the same example of volunteering, taking the initiative to register by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bussaco, October 30, 2017

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Dina Aguiar, RTP journalist since 1978, planted a tree (Carvalho alvarinho - Quercus robur), today, in the Bussaco National Forest.

We recall that Dina Aguiar began her career at RTP in the presentation of “Informação 2”, in partnership with António Mega Ferreira and José Júdice. He was pivot, for more than a decade, of “Telejornal”. He worked on the program "O País Real", in the "País, país", then in the "Regiões" and then in “Portugal em directo”.

Besides being a journalist, she is also a painter. As a plastic artist, she developed a regular activity with exhibitions in Portugal and abroad (Italy, Spain, Norway, Brazil, etc.).

Bussaco, September 24, 2017

Ana Jesus Ribeiro 5 I CAPhoto Formação



 Under the BRIGHT / Life + Project, a dozen people today held the “FLORESTA RELÍQUIA” Trail. Along a route that began in the arboretum and followed to the Cruz Alta, participants had the opportunity to (re) discover some of the most emblematic plants of this secular and unique place in the World.

Bussaco, September 16, 2017

Trilho Floresta Relíquia setembro 2017 - Cópia



The musician Luís Represas planted a tree yesterday in the Bussaco National Forest and spared no praise for the "grandeur and splendor of the forest." The former singer of the Trovante group has even vowed to support UNESCO's World Heritage candidacy.

Bussaco, July 17, 2017




We received, last 23rd, under the BRIGHT project, the Forestry Innovation Workshop of the Inovisa Association. The Bussaco was the chosen place for the group to stroll and meet with innovators of the forest SECTOR.

Bussaco, June 26, 2017




 Today, we received the visit of fifty students and teachers from the 3rd and 4th years of the Mealhada School Center. A volunteer action, carried out under Action D.7 of the BRIGHT Project (LIFE10 NAT/PT/000075), which featured a morning tour dedicated entirely to the (re) discovery of the most emblematic native and exotic plants of the Bussaco National Forest. After a picnic that took place near Fonte Fria, it was time for the small participants to leave their valuable contribution in the Viveiros da Mata where they learned to make seedlings of Aderno.

 Bussaco, May 3, 2017

IMG 20171121 153045



The Annual Meeting on LIFE Exchange Experiences & Networking - INTERLIFE EN 2016 - the first event of its kind to be held in Portugal - began this morning in Luso, Mealhada, and continues tomorrow. Luso-Bussaco was the place chosen by the organization for the discussion of ideas and exchange of experiences between specialists in the field of environment and beneficiaries of the LIFE community program.

 "To disseminate LIFE projects carried out in Portugal, and trying to understand if the best strategies for their development are being implemented" is the main objective of the event, as revealed by the Portuguese Environment Agency (organizer of the event), Ana Teresa Perez, during the opening session of the seminar. The mayor of Mealhada, Rui Marqueiro, as well as the president of the Mata da Bussaco Foundation, António Gravato, were the two other personalities present at the opening of the seminar.

 Work is under way at this moment, with a roundtable where five international LIFE projects are being presented. Tomorrow, a morning visit to the Bussaco National Forest will take place, specifically the areas under the BRIGHT Project - "Bussaco's Recovery from Invasions Generating Habitat Threass" from the LIFE program. In the afternoon, a roundtable will be held, with the presentation of four more national LIFE projects.

Bussaco, November 4, 2016

Luso-Buçaco acolhe seminário internacional sobre o programa LIFE



 The group Montepio carries out volunteering activities for the fourth consecutive year at the Bussaco National Forest.

 The volunteering action was included on the volunteer's day of the institution, which annually counts on the participation of about 400 volunteer workers from north to south of the country and autonomous regions in actions inserted in the social, environmental, cultural and animal protection dimensions, and consisted of clearing and irradiating invasive species under the BRIGHT project, funded by the European LIFE + program.

 There were two dozen employees, from the agencies of Aveiro, Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Torres Novas and Viseu, who, for a day, exchanged the computers and counters of the bank for hoes, galoshes and the Bussaco enchanted forest. The work continued during the afternoon at the Grande Hotel do Luso, with another round table focused on the presentation and discussion of more LIFE projects currently taking place in Portugal.

 Bussaco, November 4,  2016  



 The group "Aventuras de Verão" 2016 were today at the Bussaco National Forest, in the Adernal zone, to take part of a volunteering and awareness raising action for the control of Tradescantia (Tradescantia fluminensis), one of the existing invasive species.

 The action, carried out under the BRIGHT LIFE + Project, involved a group of 35 students, aged between 6 and 14 years old, who attend the Mealhada autonomy leisure program, aimed at children and young people who study or reside in the municipality of Mealhada. This event aims to be a complement and support to families in the months when there is no school activity, and runs until August 12, with various actions that seek to foster the acquisition of social / personal skills and group integration.

 Bussaco, July 4, 2016

Aventuras de Verão



 For the fourth successive year, collaborators from the MONTEPIO bank engage with BRIGHT's Volunteering Program.

 The works where once again associated to the annual day that the MONTEPIO bank dedicates to its social, environmental and cultural volunteering works. Involving about 400 collaborators from all over the country (including the autonomous regions of Azores and Madeira), this day includes actions with different partner institutions, across different geographical settings.

 In the case of the Bussaco National Forest, works included clean-up of forest areas and control of invasive species, under the corporate volunteering activities promoted by Project BRIGHT, with support of the LIFE+ Program. About 20 volunteers coming from Aveiro, Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Torres Novas and Viseu have dedicated their day exchanging labtop work for practical "on-the- ground" controlo f invasive alien species with the aim of conserving the "adrenal" relic habitat.

 Bussaco, May 13, 2016


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