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To support dissemination and transfer of the results, you will be able to find on the side menu digital versions of the communication and dissemination materials that we're producing with the project. By the end of the project a Layman Report in English will be available there. As the dissemination materials are targeting local audiences and stakeholders, they are mostly in Portuguese. However, if you need additional information please do not hesitate to contact us by email.

pdf After LIFE Communication Plan

Leaflets Adernal | Leaflets Invasive | Leaflets Fauna

• Brochures | Brochures Fauna | Brochures Adernal | | Brochures Invasive

• Public Presentations (access the portuguese version)

Outdoors 1 | Outdoors 2 | Outdoors 3 | Outdoors 4 | Outdoors 5

• Information Boards  (access the portuguese version)

Field Guide Mammals | Birds | Amphibians | Invasive | Autochthonous | Toxic and edible mushrooms | Non-toxic mushrooms | Control of invasive species


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