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The adernal area, the habitat relic that is the target of the project's conservation work is one that has been identified by the team at the University of Aveiro in the context of research work leading up to the application, which corresponds roughly to about 17 ha. In this area, project goals include the control and eradication of tree and herbaceous specimens of invasive species, whenever necessary accompanied by reinforcements with native species habitat features.

Having immediately into account the pre-project information on the distribution of invasive species, it was predicted a set of work out of the adernal area in order to control cores / stands of existing invasive tree in the surroundings. Mostly situated in Pinhal do Marquês, these areas were aimed at ecological conversion, given the advanced state of degradation, in parallel with equally demanding control interventions, with varying degrees of intensity, in the surrounding areas of the adernal distribution.

With the ongoing project, and based on an updated analysis of the situation, both by the FMB team as the new inventories carried out by the UA, one was defined macro-zoning of plots for intervention, and work types to develop in each one.  This zoning, and the respective program of action includes the following types / areas:

• social areas;

• conservation areas;

• conservation/recovery areas;

• weed control/improvement areas;

• invasive monitoring areas;

• valuation / ecological conversion areas.

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