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Project partners

Taking place on its experience and contributions to the conservation of the Bussaco National Forest, the BRIGHT Project was structured to have the active participation of two important partners in areas of work in which their contributions are essential to the success of the project:

  • City Hall of Mealhada, while local administration with the territory management skills and in education and a with a long history of working with schools in the county, ensure the promotion of one of the sub-programs involvment  of the society, in particular regarding the public school, their households and, in a broader perspective, the resident population;
  • the University of Aveiro, as an organization that for years has developed a continuous work of investigation and management support of the Forest, ensures the independent scientific monitoring of outcomes of interventions, which are defined and promoted by the Forest of Buçaco Foundation.

Municipality of Mealhada


 It is in the field of education that the Municipality of Mealhada has a more active role in the project, planning and ensuring concrete actions to raise awareness and environmental education directed to the local community. 


The Municipality is the entity that, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, manages and ensures the functioning of schools and curriculum and extracurricular activities promoted within, historically assuming a very direct relationship with the school community. It stands out in this context the continued implementation of an Environmental Education and Citizenship Program at various levels of education, which will be opened to the public in times of semester vacation.


The experience gained from these actions proved to be extremely relevant to the proposed work of the City Council, which fall within a specific action and are aimed to sensitize the school community, households and resident population to natural values and environmental problems that are the main issues of the project and their involvement and active participation in some of these works, with the necessary adaptations to the public concerned.



University of Aveiro


The scientific team from the University of Aveiro participating in the project is coordinated by Dr. Rosa Pinho and by Dr. Carlos Fonseca, in the areas of flora / fauna and habitats, respectively. The intervention of this team is not only for the historical information in its possession on the target territory but also as their contributions to support the establishment of the current management model of the Bussaco National Forest, a strong and independent basis to ensure only the results of monitoring the conservation work, whose execution is strictly the responsibility of the Foundation.


Without prejudice to an active collaboration of all the partners, including the University of Aveiro, in the definition of the work, it is up to the team of the University of Aveiro, independently and in accordance with methodologies for themselves selected, ensure regular evaluation of the interventions concrete results performed at the level of a set of descriptors on the fauna, flora and existing habitats that will allow the evaluation by the end of the project the practical results, successes and failures of implementation of conservation work.

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