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Project results


In a general way the actions of the project exceeded the goals established in the application, having gone beyond the expected results, namely in conservation actions. The BRIGHT project was particularly successful on the following points:

• Successful implementation of applied pilot methodologies and techniques used in control of invasive species actions, reaching 140% in area when compared to the application, with a total of 43 hectares of invasive alien species controlled;

• Conversion of areas invaded by acacia into autochthonous forest;

• Achievement of results with regard to the considerable increase of the biodiversity in the areas of adernal, namely in the herbaceous stratum;

• Involvement and awareness raising, with a wide variety of publics (schools, IPSS's, companies, NGOs, local citizens, other conservation projects, universities, prisoners, tourists, among others), with a total of 29,451 participants;

• Creation of practical know-how in the control techniques for exotic invasive flora, poured into stabilized terrain teams, holders of this knowledge.

Conservation Actions

The conservation actions of the project focused on the protection of the Adernal da Mata Nacional of Bussaco (MNB). These actions consisted in the rehabilitation of the former nursery of the Forest Services for the production of native plants, and in the ecological restoration of degraded forest areas, which represented an imminent threat to the Adernal of MNB. The achieved results are:

• 51.5 ha of forest benefited by conservation/ plantation actions;

• Covered 43 ha with control measures for exotic woody invasive flora with (pilot and demonstrative practices);

• Covered 15, 28 ha with control measures for exotic herbaceous invasive flora with good practices;

• 10.28 ha of degraded pine forest being replaced by autochthonous forest;

• Assay methods of seminal and vegetative reproduction in 24 autochthonous species;

• 61602 plantations were carried out on the ground;

• Tested methodologies with 6 invasive species (Acacia dealbata, Acacia melanoxylon, Pittosporum undulatum, Prunus laurocerasus, Tradescantia fluminensis and Ailanthus altissima);

• Tested 8 control methodologies with the species Tradescantia fluminensis;

Awareness raising actions

With regard to the involvement and awareness of different audiences, the following results were achieved:

• Involved a total of 29451 participants in awareness-raising activities such as volunteering, workshops, tours and visits, of which:

_10398 participants are from general public;

_5196 participants are corporate and business audiences, including IPSS's;

_13857 participants are from school audiences in the municipality of Mealhada;

• Produced for free distribution 3000 copies of the field guide “Guia de Flora e Fauna do Adernal da Mata NAcional do Bussaco”;

• Organized 6 annual events with a duration of 1 week each for awareness raising and involvement dedicated to the theme of nature conservation, production of autochthonous plants and control of invasive alien species;

• Organization of 6 technical seminars on the project;

• 248 guided visits to the work of the project;

• Created 3 pedestrian trails on the project themes;

• 53 thematic pedestrian walks, focusing on the intervention and thematic areas of the project;

• 84 workshops for general publics;

• 399 actions were carried out with corporate and business audiences, including IPSS's;

• A total of 4657 trees planted in actions developed with companies;

• 362 workshops were held with school audiences;

• Covered 5 teaching cycles, from Kindergarten to Secondary School, covering approximately 88% of the school population of Mealhada;

• Propagated 2613 plants with school publics out of MNB, with the distribution of 1,156 holly ecokits and 807 seeds / seedlings of autochthonous species;

• Distributed 7 mini-greenhouses by the county schools;

• Improved the social integration of more than 20 inmates of the Coimbra Prison.

Dissemination and networking

With the networking and dissemination activities it was possible to obtain the following results:

• 7 workshops were held on native plants propagation and control of invasive alien species;

• 6 technical conferences were held on the themes of the project;

• Participation in 37 national fairs and events, with a stand for the presentation of the project;

• 2 Greenweek participations for dissemination and networking;

• A total of 64 projects were contacted in networking actions, of which 41 were LIFE projects;

• A total of 18 partnerships were developed with other entities and projects.

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