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Aimed at basic education schools in the municipality of Mealhada, there is an environmental education and awareness program under the Extra Curricular Activities.  The coordination and implementation are under the partner's responsibility Municipality of Mealhada.

 The program calls for the partner's involvement in specific thematic sections of this project, developing and deepening some areas where it has already been operating, particularly in the context of waste recovery. It is intended to ensure a continuous program, with duration matching with four complete academic years of the project, which enhances the awareness and involvement of the school community into concrete activities and practices of knowledge and support to the conservation of existing biodiversity in the Bussaco National Forest. . It is seeking to engage a 100 percent of the school population of Mealhada's county.

The program also includes the development of conservation activities in school, including the spread of 2,500 native plants, intended for conservation actions. Conservation activities in schools will be complemented with field actions such as species identification, seed collection, planting and manual removal of invasive weeds, among others  and all appropriate for each age level.


  • Corporate Volunteering

    Corporate Volunteering is a challenge for all companies wishing to undertake voluntary work in the forest, thereby exerting its greater solidarity side, fostering teamwork and practicing environmental responsibility attitude.

    In particular, the actions involve, in a transversal way, introductory sessions / information then practical training and further execution of tasks to support ongoing conservation work. .  These tasks include guidance and technical supervision on the activities and a final feedback on the results of the work carried out.


Visits for groups

The BRIGHT project provides an entertainment /interpretation program, directed to the general public. This includes the guided tours for groups to be held throughout the week, on weekdays, targeting both the tourists and school elements  and other groups of visitors, especially outside the local community.This type of visits are intended to present the project, flora and habitats that are subject of the project, through a day programs, half of which is dedicated to interpreting / sensitization and the remaining is dedicated to volunteer activities of weed control and / or conservation of native species (eg silver wattle, planting trees and shrubs).

Pedestrian walks

The walks planned in the project, and to carry along the trails, allow the visit and knowledge of areas of intervention by external visitors and the local community. The propagation nurseries, the composting unit and the areas where it promotes weed control and native species planting, are thus destinations of these tours.


The visiting public of the Bussaco National Forest can also take advantage of various workshops such as conservation workshops related to the work of the project. These are mainly aimed at families (children, parents and grandparents) and involve educational and pratical activities aimed also for leisure activities (weekends, holidays and school holydays).

 If you wish to benefit of one of these activities, please contact the Buçaco Forest Foundation.

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